My Art Inspired by the Books I Read


” A body does not like being bought and sold like a basket of eggs, even if the person who cracks the shells is kind.” 

Broken Egg
Broken Egg–Oil on Canvas–Ink n Paper

Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind

” She looks like a flower blooming in the desert sunset, the wind whipping her clothes around her in sheets of color” (p. 92).

ink n paper catus 2
Cactus-Oil on canvas- Ink n Paper


” My bundle is light.

My burden is heavy.”

The Red Scarf-Oil Pastel on Paper-By Ink n Paper


” You tell yourself your brother comes first, and it’s okay. Poor you. But really he’s just an excuse. An excuse to hide behind, so you don’t have to do anything or take any risks.”

Brothers- Colored Pencil and Oil Pastel on Paper- By Ink n Paper


Keys–Acrylic Paint on a Canvas Purse–Trompe-l’œil by Ink n Paper




  1. Yes, we can comment here now. I love the paintings, and I look forward to seeing more. Creativity is always fun, and when we bring ideas together from two or more different sources, the results are always intriguing. Combining books and art is a great way to stir up thoughts and emotions. Thank you for sharing these expressions with us.

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