Clock Dance

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Cute story for the beach or for non imperative reading during relaxing summer time. Also a great book to read during TV commercials, on a plane, or while in boring waiting rooms. This story keep your mind occupied, when you are utterly desperate for ” filler” moments. BUT, if you are looking for soul searching, uplifting, and “wow” moments, this is not the book for you.

The book lacks dynamic characterization. The characters are flat and their internal struggles and goals lack emotional depth.

The story has too many  fillers–unnecessary scenes, dialogues, and chapters. Because of the fillers, the story looses its continuity and the reader is often confused and taken away from the main plot and its purpose.

The  beginning scenes are extraneous to anything that happens later. And, along the way, you  meet characters who are irrelevant and annoying. Finally, I did not connect with the main protagonist because of her lacks of strong internal turmoil and dreams.

Don’t you think that books should take us into a magical , exciting world rather than into a carbon copy of our boring and flat world?


Ink n Paper






    1. Likewise!
      I am done with my MAT and I am now looking for a job. I am in the process of being hired as a middle school social studies teacher. Fingers crossed! I am in the pre-offer/hiring phase ( background check etc). Next week, I should hear from HR and know…..
      Even if I did not write on WordPress, I continued to read your marvelous posts! So many ideas… so many positive thoughts. ❤


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