MockingbirdThere is life and there is life with a purpose. There are books and there are books with heart and soul. There are people who exist and people who exist for others.

” In hopes that we may all understand each other better, ” says the the dedication at the beginning of this book. ” In hopes that we may all understand diversity and embrace it, ” I would like to add.

I picked up this book today,  out of boredom, randomly, among other 3 or 4 books that screamed for my attention. Pick me! Pick me! But, this book, silently, attracted my attention.

I started reading it because it talks about Asperger syndrome, and drawing, and vocabulary words…three of my favorite things to learn about.

I picked the book and started reading it….but a voice….right out of my TV screen….said…” Columbine.”

And then, right then, I realized that I picked up the right book at the right moment. April 20, 1999…Columbine…my screen screams.

April 20, 2019….20 years later….still fresh…still real as it was 20 years ago.

This is a book about Asperger syndrome and drawing and vocabulary words ….and about a violent event…a tragedy…a fatal shooting in a middle school.

How can we heal emotional pain? How can we find closure? How can we understand each other better?

As a teacher in training, I see struggles, dreams, fears, and hopes in the eyes of my students. I see diversity as a gift rather than as a burden. I look at the person in front of me as a treasure to keep and as a seed that need love, water, sun, and fertile soil.

” We all want to be heard, to be understood. Some of us are better than others at expressing ourselves. Some of us have severe problems that need to be addressed, no ignored…Ignore and ignorance share the same root.”

No one deserves to be left alone with doubt and fears. We all have different talents. And just because we are better at some things than others does not mean we are any better than other people are. we are just different …and have different talents. Not better…just different….


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  1. I don’t know the book but the topics it talks about certainly interest me. Diversity is wonderful, even necessary because it is what gives humanity its robustness, its richness and value. An homogeneous humanity would be bland and boring.

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