Ink n Paper…

Thanks for joining me!

A journey with a thousand books begins with a single word…

About this blog…

 This is a blog about books. AND much more. It is a blog about stories, words, ink and paper. It is a blog about thoughts, ideas, memories, and mistakes. It is a journal of notes and ideas; experiences and challenges. It is a world of real and imaginary people; a journey into life and into ourselves.

I am a teacher, a mother, a writer, and a reader. I want to share my love for books, but also my thoughts about the stories in my favorite books.

 I read with my eyes and with my heart. I write what I feel and what it’s important to me. I write to share emotions, ideas, and concepts with the rest of the world because each book deserves a storyteller, a dreamer, and a  dream catcher.


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